Flyball is a dog sport in which a team of 4 dogs race against each other over a line of hurdles to a box where they retrieve a tennis ball back down the line of hurdles. The fastest team to successfuly get 4 dogs down and back win the race. Flyball was first started back in the early 70s in South Carolina and made it across to the UK in the early 90s. The main governing body for UK tournaments is the British Flyball Association (BFA) but competitions are also run by the Kennel Club and Flyball UK.

There are now over BFA 280 clubs across the UK, each with numerous teams. Cambridgeshire Canines was the first competitive club in Cambridgeshire but there are now more starting up (see below).

Cambridgeshire Canine Centre are actively involved in the running of the Cambridgeshire Canines, however, the club is not currently taking on any starters. If you are interested in having a go at flyball we occasionally run have-a-go days for you to try flyball as well as train-the-trainer sessions where we can help you set up your own flyball club – please see the Special Events page for upcoming events or feel free to contact us so we can tailor sessions to your own requirements.

Local Flyball Clubs