Mark is the Centres Canine Hydroptherapist. Qualified at Whitehouse Training in October 2011 and registered with National Association of Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH).

Mark is a founder member of Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball Team, for who he has been a Trainer and Team captain over the past 4 years.  Having started competing in Feb 2008 in British Flyball (BFA), he became a qualified judge in June 2010 and is currently working towards his esteemed Head Judge Qualification.

Mark has trained all of his dogs in obedience and basic retrieval work and competed at grade 1 in Agility with one of them.  During 2012, Mark is hoping to start his youngster training in agility as well.

Mark definitely represents the gundog element of Cambridgeshire Canine Centre, currently owning four Labradors, two of which he competes with in flyball.