About Us

Cambridgeshire Canine Centre was established by Ellen in October 2009 to support the Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball Team. We have since diversified to be able to supply CSJ dog food, flyball “train-the-trainer” courses, agility training along with providing sources for good quality, affordable items for your working dog. We are based near Ely in Cambridgshire but compete all over the country and abroad with our dogs.

In 2012 the company is looking to expand and diversify to provide more facilities for you and your working dog.  We hope to run our first Agility show in June, as part of the UKA system, broaden our range of products for sale, including Tug-E-Nuff dog gear, and to be able to offer hydrotherapy for your dog, as part of a referral/rehabilitation programme or to build up fitness & stamina in your competitive dog, as well as run more agility training days/sessions with guest instructors.